Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervuren)


The Tervuren (, sometimes spelled Tervueren), is a breed of dog named after a town in Belgium. Its classification varies, being classified under some breed standards as a breed in its own right, and in others as one of several acceptable variations of the Belgian Shepherd Dog. It is usually listed within breed standards under one or other, or a combination, of these names. In the United States, since 1959, the AKC recognizes it under the name Belgian Tervuren. Prior to 1959, the Belgium Tervuren was shown as Belgium Sheepdog. In that year, the AKC granted the breed separate status. In Canada, the Canadian Kennel Club recognizes the Tervuren as a variety of the Belgian Shepherd (prior to 2005, Belgian Shepherd Dogs were called Belgian Sheepdogs).

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Also known as

This breed is also called Belgian Shepherd (Tervueren), Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren), Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren), Belgian Shepherd Tervueren, Belgian Shepherd Tervuren, Belgian Tervueren, Belgian Tervuren, Terv, Tervuren as well as Tervuren (Belgian Shepherd Dog).

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