Cretan Hound


The Kritikos Lagonikos (Cretan Hound) (Greek:Kρητικός Λαγωνικός) is a hunting breed of dog from the island of Crete, in Greece. It is considered to be one of the oldest hunting breeds in Europe, with a history that goes back to 3,500 years ago.This is a multi-talented dog that comes directly from Crete. Its excellent scent, speed, agility, and durability make it an exceptional hare hunter. Cretan Hounds also have guarding instincts as well as pastoral instincts. The Cretan Hound is nationally recognized both in Greece and in Germany.

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Also known as

This breed is also called Cretan Hound, Kressa Kyon, Kritikos Ichnilatis, Kritikos Lagonikos as well as Ntopio.

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