Danish-Swedish Farmdog


Danish–Swedish farmdog (Swedish: Dansk-svensk gårdshund, Danish: Dansk/svensk gårdhund) is a breed of dog that has its origin in Denmark and southern Sweden, but has become popular all over Scandinavia. It is an old native breed which has historically lived on farms in the eastern part of Denmark and southernmost part of Sweden (i.e. on both sides of The Sound, the narrow strait that separates the Danish island of Zealand from the southern tip of the Scandinavian peninsula), serving as a guard dog, rat catcher and hunting dog. The breed's soft and gentle temperament also makes them excellent companion dogs. There are some indications that the breed originates from the pinscher breeds and the British white hunting terriers.

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Also known as

This breed is also called Danish Chicken Dog, Danish Farmdog, Danish Swedish Farmdog, Danish-Swedish Farmdog, Danish/Swedish Farm Dog, Danish/Swedish Farmdog, Danish–Swedish Farmdog, N Terrier as well as Swedish Farmdog.

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