Gull Terrier


The Gull Terrier (also known as the Gull Terr) is a rare breed of dog that originates from the Punjab region of Pakistan and India; it is believed to be several hundred years old. They are often used in dog fighting, hunting, and guarding. The Gull Terrier is related to the Bull Terrier breeds that come from Great Britain. These English dog breeds, along with those indigenous to the Indian subcontinent such as the Bully Kutta, played a major role in the Gull Terrier's breeding development and are considered to be a direct ancestor of the modern Gull Terrier.

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Also known as

This breed is also called 22 February 2019 / Gull Terrier, Bull Terr / Gull Terrier, English / Gull Terrier, Indian Bull Terrier / Gull Terrier, Indian Gull Terr / Gull Terrier, La Provence Australe / Gull Terrier as well as Pakistani Bull Terrier / Gull Terrier.

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