Saarloos Wolfdog


The Saarloos wolfdog (Dutch: Saarlooswolfhond or Saarloos-wolfhond, German: Saarlooswolfhund or Saarloos-Wolfhund) is a dog-breed originating from the crossing of a German Shepherd Dog (German: Deutscher Schäferhund, Dutch: Duitse herdershond) with a Eurasian grey wolf (Canis lupus lupus). The offspring were then crossed with German Shepherds. It is now a recognized breed, and is recognized as a wolf-dog due to the original cross it came from.

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Also known as

This breed is also called Leendert Saarloos, Saarloos Wolf Dogs, Saarloos Wolfdog, Saarloos Wolfhond, Saarloos Wolfhound, Saarloos-Wolfhond, Saarlooswolfdog, Saarlooswolfhond, Saarlooswolfhound, Sarloos as well as Sarloos Wolfdog.

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