Talbot Hound


The Talbot was a type of hunting hound common in England during the Middle Ages. It is depicted in art of the period as small to medium-sized, white in colour, with short legs, large powerful feet, a deep chest with slender waist, long drooping ears, and a very long curled tail. It is shown in one well-known example at Haddon Hall with a fierce facial expression. It is now extinct but is believed to be an ancestor of the modern beagle and bloodhound. It is uncertain whether it was a scent hound (bred for the quality of its nose), a sight hound (bred for the quality of sight and speed), or a dog used for digging out quarry. Nor is it known what type of quarry it hunted, whether deer, fox, boar, etc.

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Also known as

This breed is also called Talbot, Talbot Dog as well as Talbot Hound.

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