The Iomud is a breed of light horse from Turkmenistan. Like other breeds of Turkmen horse, it is named for the Turkmen tribe that raised it, the Iomud. Both the name of the horse and the name of the Turkmen clan may be spelt in many ways, including Iomud, Yomud, Yamud and Yomut. The Iomud horse is raised in Turkmenistan, particularly in the velayat of Daşoguz; in Uzbekistan; in Karakalpakstan (now part of Uzbekistan), particularly in the Khwarezm region; and in Iraq, Iran and Turkey.:30 Unlike the Akhal-Teke, it usually kept in herds in desert or semi-desert areas.:297

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Also known as

This breed is also called Iomud, Iomudskaya, Jomud, Yamud, Yamut, Yomood as well as Yomud.

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