Luxembourg Warmblood


The Luxembourg Warmblood or French: Cheval de Selle Luxembourgeois is a Luxembourgeois breed of warmblood sport horse. As with other European warmblood sport horses, admission to the stud-book is based on performance rather than parentage. Warmblood breeding within Luxembourg derives mostly from Holsteiner and Hanoverian stock imported from Germany.:168From 1970 registration was through the Fédération des Stud-Books Luxembourgeois, a federation of stud-books. In 1999 it was dissolved and the Stud-Book du Cheval de Selle Luxembourgeois was established as an independent non-profit organisation.

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Also known as

This breed is also called Cheval de Selle Luxembourgeois, Luxembourg Horse as well as Luxembourg Warmblood.

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